About Soweto

About Soweto…

soweto_by anderson-online

Soweto in Johannesburg. You don’t need anymore to visit by bus. The biggest township in Africa has changed. Violence and insecurity are no more as in the past years of Appartheid. Soweto is now a place that celebrate the memory of the South African history. As a vistor, you  can go to the Hector Pieterson Memorial that commemorate the 16th massacre, or the Mandela house wich is now a museum. Soweto is also a touristic venu and offer accomodation with hotels, guesthouse and restaurants.


P.S. The short story below is an assignment in the workshop “Using new media tools in journalism and communication” helding at the School of Journalism & Media Studies of Rhodes universty since last monday, 23rd of november 2009. The workshop is both organised by The Departement of Communication and Highway Africa. Delegates, coming from West, East, Central and South Africa are trained by Peter Verweij, senior lecturer at the School of journalism at Utrecht in Netherlands.